Most Common Difficult Words In 7+ & 8+ Comprehension


    Make sure you know what these words mean!

    A broad vocabulary is crucial to ensure success at the 7+ or 8+ comprehension. However just a couple of misunderstood words in the text can lead to an unfortunate loss of marks, or worse still, a misunderstanding of the entire passage. So, aside from good quality reading on a consistent basis to help build up vocabulary, we decided to analyse all 7+ and 8+ papers in the last 5 years to see which “difficult” words kept reappearing year after year. This exercise took a healthy dose of patience and stamina but below is the fruits of our labour!

    These words should be learnt as it seems 7+ / 8+ examiners are very keen to use them.

    7+ Common Difficult Words

    • patient / patiently
    • pavement
    • factory
    • decorated
    • to decorate
    • freckle
    • to shriek
    • to sob
    • to fetch
    • enormous
    • to smother
    • shallow
    • wretched
    • to sprinkle

    8+ Common Difficult Words

    • potion
    • tattered
    • ornamented
    • ivory
    • velvet
    • skull
    • to satisfy
    • to neglect
    • to gaze (at)
    • remote
    • acre
    • compound
    • prey
    • majestic

    Even if you know the meanings, practice using them in their right context by incorporating them into a full sentence.

    And remember, this exercise is great not just for comprehension, but also for creative writing and verbal reasoning.