11+ Comprehension: improve your marks


    One key way to improve your marks in the 11+ comprehension is to develop a broad and mature vocabulary.

    Just a couple of misunderstood words in the text can lead to an unfortunate loss of marks, or worse still, a misunderstanding of the entire comprehension passage.

    So, aside from encouraging good quality reading on a consistent basis to help build up vocabulary, we decided to analyse some more 11+ comprehension papers in the last 5 years to see which “difficult” words kept reappearing year after year.

    These 20 words should be learnt as it seems 11+ examiners are very keen to use them in 11+ comprehensions.

    • To proceed (to do something)
    • Astonished
    • Grudgingly
    • Beseechingly
    • Pandemonium
    • Valiantly
    • Chastised
    • Erratic
    • Sinewy
    • Ordeal
    • Incredulous
    • Haughtily
    • Perceived
    • Spawn
    • Resolute
    • Scuttled
    • Flurried
    • Flaccid
    • Ravenous
    • Inclined (to do something)

    Even if you know the meanings of the above words, practice using them in their right context by incorporating them into a full sentence. We are more than happy to check and mark your sentences a gratis if you send them into us. We will send them back to you with comments and/or corrections.

    And remember, this exercise is great not just for improving marks in 11+ comprehension, but also for 11+ creative writing and 11+ verbal reasoning.

    Finally, improving your marks in English 11+ comprehensions is difficult. It does take time. Improving your technique and structuring answers are skills that are developed over months. It is also important to remember when preparing for 11+ comprehensions that you practice a range of passages in terms of difficulty and subject matter. Once you are able to tackle 11+ comprehensions which are on subjects that you “don’t like” or “don’t find interesting,” then you know that you are really making progress and are improving your marks.

    For further details on how we can help your child prepare for the 11+ or for more information on My Tutor Club’s 11+ Revision Booster courses, please contact hello@mytutorclub.com